The best and most valuable type of website visitor, that you’ll ever get, will be through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

People are looking for you. Directly typing in search terms related to your company. They want to find you and the products & services you provide. That makes SEO the most lucrative form of non-interruption marketing

And when it comes to SEO, it’s all about the grandad of search engines, Google!  

A company that has all but taken over the entire search engine space, with an impressive 78% share of desktop and laptop searches and a staggering 86.1% share of mobile searches (source: NetMarketShare). 

8 out of 10 search queries in the world goes through the Google search engine, this picture should paint a clear image as to the importance of SEO in any company’s strategic marketing mix.

To hammer the point home, Borrell Associates predicted that companies would be spending a lot of money on search engine optimization services, how much you ask? $80 BILLION!  

From an obscure little unknown, Google has morphed into a titan in 2020. Stringing along tons of SMEs and MNCs to success with increased exposure and visibility.  

Once you’re ranked in profitable positions on Google. Expect a stable source of customers to flow your way, day in and day out, it’s almost unstoppable.