Medical SEO & Healthcare Online Marketing In 2018

Dear Friend,

If you’re a doctor or surgeon trying to establish your specialist, medical or dental practice with medical SEO or healthcare internet marketing, then stick around, I’m about to show you the path to higher profitability and better patient inflows for your clinic.

The following plan took years of toil to develop.

It was born out of sheer necessity. Clinics needed patients walking in from the internet, and, I as an internet marketer had to find a way to deliver.

The case history you’re about to read deals with a private cosmetic clinic in Singapore, however, the core principles can be easily applied to the following practices, anywhere around the world (USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and elsewhere) to produce incredible results for clinics…

  • Ophthalmologists
  • ENT Specialists
  • General Surgeons
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Urologists
  • Dentists & Orthodontists
  • Dermatologists
  • Gynaecologists
  • Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Cardiologists
  • Neurologists
  • Chiropractors & Physiologists
  • Endocrinologists
  • Haematologists
  • Colorectal Surgeons

“He Was Stuck In The Mud”

Our story begins with Dr. HMT (name obscured for privacy) who had begun his journey into aesthetic medicine in 2006 in Singapore. After setting up base in a local mall in the East, he marched right into the hands of a big-named digital marketing company.

This company is huge, it’s a digital marketing arm of one of the 3 big telecommunication companies in Singapore (*hint* red coloured logo).

Dr. HMT, like many other surgeons and specialists was promised the moon. The internet marketing company presented fancy graphs, showed off cool looking slides and had attractive sales people (who probably smelled really nice) at the helm pitching everything.

He lunged across the table and grabbed the offer with both hands. He was sold at “Hello”.

His website quickly climbed up the rankings, sped forward past competitors on Google zooming through page 6, page 5 page 4 and finally landed on… page… 3.

And stayed there, for months…

Unmoved. Stuck in the mud. Trapped like a fly on sticky paper.

Dr. HMT was lost for words.

He had hired the top gun in the SEO/SEM world and had hoped to see startling results. After all, he was told that it’s best to fork out more and more and more cash if he wanted to see his clinic’s website achieve page 1 rankings on Google.

That’s the way to rank, that’s the way to clinch more customers, that’s the way to rank your website for tough terms on Google.

To give you an idea, he was splurging upwards of $8,000 per month on Google Adwords alone. He wasn’t getting much results there either. He was forking out a similar amount for SEO.

And then… something unexpected happened…

A Google algorithm update.

His website… flatlined.



Not a heartbeat in sight. Google’s update banned his website. You couldn’t find it even if you used the Hubble Space Telescope.



It was at this time, through providence and pure luck, that one of my direct mail letters reached Dr. HMT’s desk.

He picked up the phone, dialled my office and we met face to face.

Dr. HMT was skeptical…

#1 He was just burned by a huge digital agency (and was thinking of suing their pants off).

#2 I wasn’t a big-timer with an office in the middle of town.

#3 I didn’t promise a single thing. Just that I would work hard, do my level best and bring my A-game to help resuscitate his clinic’s online marketing efforts.

I had to reassure him that things could be revived. That his medical marketing efforts, when channeled properly would yield phenomenal results.

So I crafted an offer he couldn’t refuse.

I call it the “money in your pocket” offer.

It’s way better than “$0 SEO”… way better than a “money back guarantee” and just too easy to say “YES!” to.

I crafted this offer because I knew there were many clinics like his, scammed by unscrupulous SEO companies in Singapore/India/Malaysia/Philippines…

It’s come to a point where any kind of SEO for medical practice is looked upon with utmost prejudice and dismissed as snake oil BS…

My offer ensures that there is ZERO RISK on the part of the clinic owner.

As the healthcare digital marketing expert, I willingly shouldered the weight of expectation and investments in time & resources.

After I performed a “Website Health Check”, I realized that a lot of the back end work done on his website was toxic.

“Google Doesn’t Like Toxic Websites”

In fact it hates them…

Starting from scratch (by building a brand new website) was the only viable option since the previous one got butchered.

I went to work… HARD.

Pounded on my keyboard, utilized my systemized SEO templates, protected the website from any toxins… then…

Loaded it with mouth-watering persuasive content… the kind that converts casual browsing visitors into eagerly paying patients…

(I loaded my proven 28 psychological triggers into all important pages of the brand-new website.)

And then… finally… unleashed it upon Google!

“From Zero To 24,053 Medical Visitors”

With my efforts at “seo’ing” his clinic, I took his brand new website from zero to an abundant 5,095 unique visitors per month within 8 months.

seo generates traffic

For a total of 24,053 unique visitors in that period (the numbers continue to climb through 6 figures to this day)…

traffic views for 8 months

He was ranking #1 for as many as 60 keywords across multiple aesthetic disciplines. These top rankings pulled in visitors like a Beyonce concert pulls in a crowd!

Traffic CHECK!

Rankings CHECK!

But what’s more important to a clinic than #1 rankings and traffic? PATIENTS!

Not just a one-off burst of patients, but a life changing stream of consistent patients paying well for various procedures (and then referring their friends and family too).

What you’re about to see is a snippet of the enquiries that flowed into this clinic’s inbox daily and enriched Dr. HMT’s coffers magnificently…

An average “slow” month yielded a drool-inducing 150 web form enquiries and phone calls.

Count it. 2,000 web enquiries total. When you add up the phone calls (which occurred at a ratio of 1:1) the total broke through 4,000 enquiries.

Patients poured into his clinic with cash in hand…

Imagine a tiny 15% conversion of these enquiries, it quickly turns into…

4000 x 15% = 600

(With an average package price of $3,000)

600 x $3,000 = $1,800,000 in earnings (excluding referrals, upsells & cross-sells) from the SEO and healthcare internet marketing that I performed for Dr. HMT.

Which is why I wanted to call this method…


Unfortunately, some said it’s too cheesy for a name. So I’m going to have to think of another name (unless this one sticks 😉)…

If you want to produce a similar result for your clinic, all you need to do is utilize is a simple Venn-diagram and you too can pull this off.

I’m going to show you how I did it for Dr. HMT’s clinic….

“The Simple 3 Part Formula For An Abundance Of Patients”

The basis of this entire method rests upon a simple yet powerful diagram.

All you have to do is stand before the droves of patients already primed for procedures you provide.

There’re right there, waiting for you to help them out.

On the internet they’re typing in an AILMENT or physical ATTAINMENT (straight teeth) into Google and carefully reading the ANSWER/s their questions in a manner that convinces them to become a patient.

AILMENT: This covers keywords like “kidney stone pain”, “nose bump”, “get rid of double chin” and other problems & maladies you know patients are frantically punching into Google because they need to know more about the problem they’re facing or are desperately trying to get rid of it NOW.

ATTAINMENT: This covers keywords like “breast augmentation”, “rhinoplasty”, “teeth whitening”, “healthy neurology” etc. Patients are typing what they want into Google. They need, want and sometimes feverishly desire these procedures – and are willing to pay for it.

This works phenomenally well when you’re engaged in medical SEO and Google PPC advertising (Adwords)…

ANSWERING: This portion of the formula focuses on answering questions which your patients have. It can be tough especially if your answers lack a persuasive punch – people just won’t take action. Even if you’ve got the best answer in the entire medical world, if your answer is not persuasive or engaging… you’ll lose that patient’s interest.

When you answer any question, or, put out any medical literature or any form of awareness about yourself or your clinic… it should automatically generate immediate attention!

Here’s what it looks like in the real world…

This is an ad I wrote on the Google Adwords platform.

I’ve blacked it out for a reason you’re about to discover…

You see, the name of the game is getting a high CTR (click through rate), whilst paying as little as you can per click… this accelerates any clinic’s ability to become profitable.

The ad that I wrote managed to get a fairly good CTR.

Above average in fact. More than 7 and a half times above average!

It’s pulling in patients who are paying thousands of dollars per procedure, naturally I don’t want anyone to outright copy it.

Especially when you consider this…

The average CTR for the medical world is only 1.79%.

Here’s the CTR of the ad I wrote 13.71%…


It’s not a typo.

I wrote an ad for a clinic which got a head-spinning 13.71%…

Whilst SEM companies struggle with a dismal 1.79% CTR…

The ad I wrote in today’s cut-throat marketplace managed to blast past all averages and achieved an astronomical 13.71% CTR.


Because I followed the simple principles laid out in the 3 Part Diagram.

This is what I call ANSWERING a patient’s questions with persuasiveness. Even ads get more attention and results than normal.

The ad generates up to 2 enquiries per day. Making the owner of the website thrilled out of his mind. All he has to do now is scale it up.

Because the good news is, this ad and the page it’s linked to, converts like crazy. The price point for the related medical procedure is between $7,500 to $12,000 a pop!

His previous vendor for Adwords failed miserably, produced no results and fired up excuse after excuse like a well-oiled machine gun sputtering out nonsense instead of bullets.

“The Secret To Outperforming Other Clinics With SEO And Adwords Marketing”

If you’re going to do any kind of search engine optimization or search engine marketing for your clinic or clinics then this portion will be a great help – especially if you take heed to my advice which follows…

Whether you’re attempting surgeon SEO with your website or driving traffic with medical PPC (pay per click) marketing listen to this next piece of advice carefully for higher conversion rates.

Let’s say that you’re a dentist and you’ve been successfully fixing teeth for years, making people smile more – ecstatic with their results.

When you get started with dentist SEO you’re going to be tempted to scoop up every single keyword you’ve ever heard of related to dentistry and plug them all into your website.

That’s a bad idea.

Here’s what I mean, and I’ll try to get it across to you via this scenario…

You’re suffering from a bad case of tooth ache, your lower left third molar (wisdom teeth) is pushing up against your lower left second molar.

It’s causing a head-splitting headache, and it’s gone on for a few days already. What’s worse, it’s the second time this year.

You’re suffering from a loss of appetite, you’ve also got presentations to make at work and now’s not the time for a mind piercingly painful tooth ache.

You’re sick and tired this and you want immediate relief.

You rush online, whip out your keyboard and punch in some keywords related to wisdom teeth extraction…

Your efforts yield 2 dental practices which seem to stand out…

Dental Clinic A: The clinic wants to be all to every…single…person. They are the GP of dentistry. This clinic does practically everything under the sun and they put that front and centre on their website. Teeth whitening, extractions, braces, implants etc. They’ve also got 200 5-star ratings.

Dental Clinic B: This clinic are specialists at painless wisdom tooth extraction. They’ve brought in a special imaging equipment from Germany which provides the clearest 3D image of the nerves in your jaw. This helps them to perform risk-free and pain-free extractions. They’ve got 200 5-star reviews and performed 1,500 wisdom tooth extractions in the past 12 months.

If you’re in pain and you want it to stop NOW, chances are you’ll head straight for Dental Clinic B!

So will most people suffering from pain caused by a rebellious wisdom tooth.

Specialists will always command more attention and pay.

That’s why it’s best to dive deep into 1 or 2 or 3 specializations related to your medical discipline. For example you could be the top guy for wisdom tooth removal – or the #1 ranked clinic for kidney stone treatment…

(I know a dental surgeon making an absolute killing with mini-dental implants)

By diving deep you allow others to understand that you’re the best doctor when it comes to a certain procedure.

As a result you can charge a premium – you’ll also be able to systemize your processes easier, train staff faster, scale quickly and then swallow your market whole.

That’s exactly how Dr. HMT did it. He even won an award for the volume of patients he had.

He’s the champion in his industry, an absolute leader in his field.

When you apply the couple of pillars of clinic online marketing you just read about, you place yourself head and shoulders above the rest in your market.

To Recap: It’s not scary, difficult or costly to do marketing online for your clinic. All you need are the following ingredients…

(1) Ailment & Attainment: Remember to be specific and dive deep into a maximum of 3 specializations in you industry. This works for SEO and Google Adwords particularly well.

(2) Answering: Be engaging, show that you’re the expert and educate your market well.


Idris Arkette

P.S.: If you’ve read this far it means one thing, you’re serious about getting ahead of competitors occupying the same space – and because of that I’m going to reward you with a BONUS. This will whet your appetite for success further.


How To Increase Patient Show Up Rates To Your Clinic

When you want more butts in seats, use the power of a psychological trigger Dr. Cialdini calls this “Commitment & Consistency” (Chapter 3; Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion).

Before any user hits the submit button on your website and sends his details to your clinic, ensure that you get a “micro-commitment” from him/her.

You can do this in one of two ways: (1) get the user to tick a check box saying he wants a procedure done. (2) get the user to type in “YES” to get the procedure done.

If you would like to know more about executing this and being the #1 surgeon for your field simply click here and fill in the simple form that follows here.

After that I’ll reach out to you and let you know if we would be a good fit to work together.

(NOTE: If someone of a particular speciality; example-dermatologist, is taken up as a client, I would usually work exclusively with the first surgeon who comes onboard.)

P.P.S.: My 2-cents about Forum Marketing!

One of the most popular places where doctors participate in forum marketing has to be…

I’m not an advocate of this form of marketing being a staple way to get patients.

The reason?

For every question posed by a potential patient, you’ll get an army of doctors rushing in to answer the question, sometimes in the same way.

What you’ve got is a situation where 1 question triggers 15 doctors to quickly scramble to their keyboards to punch in an answer. Not ideal.


Here’s what I would do…

Rank your own website and turn it into  your own version of “”.

This way you don’t have to rely on trying-hard to stand head and shoulders above an army of “me-too” surgeons.

Your life becomes easier and you’ll get all the attention!

If you would like to learn how to get that done – Click here to get started.