Getting Started – All You Need to Know About Website Colours

Website designing involves several aspects such as web layout, content and colours. As a web designer, you should understand that designing an effective website requires much more than just choosing the right layout. It also needs uploading quality and relevant content. In this regard, you must put more emphasis on the kind of colour that you choose. This is because whenever you are showcasing anything; your main goal will be to create something appealing to eyes!

Yes, visual beauty comes first, and we should use the see when it comes to website designing.
Website colour is imperative as it gives the first impression to the user, hence using the right colour will create good user experience. Selecting the wrong colours will have adverse impacts or bore the readers. This is why you should be careful when choosing your website colour scheme. It would be a bit difficult to move forward with other aspects of web design such as user-friendliness, functionality and much more without first making your web pages look attractive.

Impact of Colours

What many people do not understand is that the colour you choose will determine the emotional reaction of your site visitors. You can use different kinds of colours in your website pages to control your visitors’ emotions and the way their reaction when they see your site for the first time. It is, therefore, easy to stir up the right reactions and emotions in your visitors without even saying a single word about the services or products that you offer.

If you are confused about which colour to choose for your website, here are some what they symbolize so as to assist you making the right choice for your site.


Black is Good for Showing Seriousness

Black is Good for Showing Power

– Black colour is used to show power, seriousness, riches, mystery, class and elegance. This is a very professional colour. Brands use it to communicate volumes of information that stirs up favorable emotions. Using it in your website depicts the seriousness in your content. Sites like Guinness use it.


– It is related to spirituality and healing. This colour is incredibly youthful, modern, happy, friendly, stimulating, tic, childlike, warm, and playful. It is well compatible with entertainment websites and also for products and services.


– Yellow colour brings a positive, cheerful, energetic and, and friendly feel to your site. Using this colour on your web site will make your visitors feel at ease and relaxed as they go through your site.


– This colour is soothing, refreshing, trustworthy and restful. It can be used by startups websites so as to build their customers confidence in their brand.


Red Expresses Vibrancy

Red Expresses Vibrancy

– Red colour rhymes with sex, love, and energy. It is mostly attention seeking, exciting and aggressive. Most brands use it to draw attention and create buzz to their products and services. Brands use it to sell goods or services that are a must-have. Red sells it with ease. Coca Cola is famous for this.


– Purple colour is regal, royal, luxurious, sensual and mysterious. It is therefore, ideal for websites that aim to look mysterious and sensual.


– It is tender, soft and romantic and therefore, ideal for websites that want to trigger these emotions.


– It signifies class, durability and neutrality making it perfect for brands that have confidence in their services or products and don’t have to persuade their visitors to make the right decisions.


Blue signifies Security

Blue signifies Security

– Blue is a professional color that signifies reliability, trustworthiness, and security. Blue is ideal for sites that offer professional services that come with a high price since the color emphasizes the value of the services provided.


– This colour gives you the feeling of durability, stability, and security. It is, therefore, perfect for any website regardless of the services or products that they offer.


White Signifies Purity

White Signifies Purity

– White symbolises sterility, cleanliness, innocence, purity, simplicity and calmness. Using this colour in your website will make your visitors have trust in your brand value since it signifies that your content is high quality enough and doesn’t need any visual aid.


– This colour signifies elegance and expensiveness. It is, therefore, perfect for websites targeting high social status society.

Lavender –

It is nostalgic and delicate and therefore by websites that want to trigger these feelings around their products or services.

Nothing says 'Fresh' Like Lavender!

Nothing says ‘Nostalgic’ Like Lavender!


– This colour can be linked to humility, respect, boredom, and decay. It is mostly used to mold shiny gradients in web design so as to give a futuristic and professional feel to your website.

Business Type Vs. Emotional Impact

Finally, when selecting the color to use in creating your website, it is important first to give a careful thought on how it will affect the emotions of your audience. Several aspects will guide you on the website colors to choose for your site such as the type of your business type, target audience, visibility and temperature among others.

Business type

As a website designer, you should first to consider if the brand has a theme colour. When choosing the website colour, the company colour always the first priority. For instance, if your business has chosen its theme colour to be orange, then the site layout should use the same colour to avoid disturbing the customer preference.

Targeted audience:

As a website designer, you should consider the target audience when deciding on the website layout colour to use. For example, a colour combination that is designed to attract children cannot at any point impress youth.


– This is another important aspect to consider when choosing the website colour to use. In order to make your site user-friendly, you should use visible links and test. The key thing here is the contrast, and therefore it is advisable to use a light background and dark text or vice versa so as to create a good contrast.


– Colours can be cool, warm or hot and each temperature produces different viewing reactions. Choosing the right temperature to use depends on the business’s identity. For instance, many financial organizations such as banks use colour blue because blue is a cool colour that is used to evoke a feeling of freshness and security. Orange and red are hot colours and they portray activity, aggression, and action. Purple evokes a sense of royalty and luxury.

The bottom line

It is true that the choice of website colour will influence the visitors buying behaviour and using the right colour to boost the behavioral intention is a proven strategy. It can be used to help customers to make favorable decisions. Having a website that has a right combination of colours and one that is easy to read will keep visitors on your site hence leading to more sales.