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“Copywriter Singapore” is now a popular search term in Google, but it doesn’t make hiring the right copywriter any easier. 

Make the wrong move and you’ll be forced to invent excuses as to why your company’s marketing campaign failed and died on the table…

Get the RIGHT copywriter onboard… and it’s like a gentle breeze whispering through your hair on a toasty Sunday afternoon.

It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s how life should be…

This page aims to assist you in getting the best person for your upcoming projects and make your decision easier so you can launch that successful campaign asap!

Thankfully, I’ve been personally involved in marketing and copywriting projects for both SMEs and MNCs:

Digital Marketing Brand Experience

While most people make the mistake of mixing up “copyrighting” (© 2019) with “copywriting”, the fact is…

Copywriting, when done right, is far more POWERFUL than almost every other marketing practice on Earth.

Proof #1: Get An Eye-Popping 772% HIGHER Click Through Rate With Better Copy

Copywriting can be wielded to DRASTICALLY change the fate of your online advertising campaigns in Singapore.

Here’s proof…

This ad generates thousands in sales per week. It's blurred for confidentiality.

While most companies struggle with poor results on Google Ads due to bad copywriting, the ad I wrote for a local medical procedure produced an ASTRONOMICAL 13.83% CTR (click through rate).

Which means:

  • regular flows of highly qualified traffic…
  • steady streams of high quality leads…
  • consistent inflows of profit producing sales…

Just like a tap you can turn on AT WILL to fill up your company’s bank account.

But hold on, it gets better!

What I didn’t notice was my copywriting techniques performed an eye-watering 772% better than expert pay per click agencies (Google Partners). Source: WordStream USA

copywriter singapore

Proof #2: Copywriting TRIPLES Your Sales

No one uses newspapers to advertise in today’s digital age, right? 

It doesn’t make sense because of the high costs and difficulty associated to tracking results (unless you know “The Flawless Tracking Method” I share exclusively with my clients).

Below, is the old newspaper ad that was run by an aesthetics company with four branches in Singapore. It wasn’t getting results.

Enquiries were dropping like a brick in the ocean.

best copywriterThis was the OLD ad which flat-lined.

As a copywriter I sharpened my pencil, stepped up and fixed the problem.

I overhauled their ad from head to toe and gave birth to new style of advertising. One they had never seen before, or DARED to try

The results were phenomenal! 

This is what the ad looked like AFTER I packed it with as much copywriting power as possible:

This ad TRIPLED the number of cash in hand customers. Still generates revenue and is blurred for confidentiality.

What’s the difference between the old and new ad?

  • It’s now filled, wall to wall with text.
  • A riveting narrative, injected into it.
  • Customer success stories added.
  • A direct call to action.
  • ZERO fancy images.

The lesson here for advertisers is simple…

Your customers want to know more about what you have to offer and how you can help them. 

Educate them about your products and processes.

Below you’ll find the founder of the company talking about the success of this copywriting campaign.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

When you use powerful copy, even newspaper ads come to life.

Proof #3: Creative Copywriting Produced 100 Million Views And 9 Figures In Revenue

Today’s advertising technology can scale your products’ visibility massively.

Poo-Pourri is one such brand to make use of this new age reality.

It’s well written video ads have been spread far and wide to the tune of over 100 million views.

Because of this, they are now an astounding 9-figure companySource:

Nicole, the VP of Creativity at Poo-Pourri says, “Our copywriting team is lean, nimble and quick. We think like our customers because we’re directly connected to them.”

best copywriter singapore

In my book, 27 Psychological Tactics Unleashed”, you’ll see this form of success play out often, in successful marketing campaigns.

When your message syncs with the deep-seated desires of your audience, magic happens!

I’ve listed it at #13, “Harmonize”. Here’s a snippet from my book…

LESSON! Don’t waste precious space with stock image of good looking models (unless you’re GQ or People Magazine).

Copywriting can be used to produce incredible results for your sales and marketing, as long as you pay close attention to two very critical words…


If you understand your customer better than your competitors, chances are you’ll stand head and shoulders above them.

It’s so important, I’ve decided to dedicate some time to explain 4 ways to get to know your customer in this audio lesson below: 

Copywriting Lesson: 4 Ways To Crawl Inside Your Customers Mind And Win Them Over For More Sales...

If you’ve browsed this far into my page, it can only mean one thing, you’re serious about the success of your upcoming copywriting project. 

A new project calls for excitement, positivity and bold action! 

Done properly, you’ll turn your fortunes around or bring in an abundance of new clientele. 

Which brings me to the million dollar question…

Which of These 9 Types of Copywriting Will You Put To Work For Your Company?


The internet has turned into a major marketing channel. Which is why it’s essential you load your website with the best copywriting prose as possible. 


When customers sign up to your newsletter, it’s best to put your best foot forward! When you mail them offers and incentives to do more business with you.


These days advertorials cost an arm and a leg. It’s crucial to get things right from the get-go, to maximize response and results while minimizing costs. 


Especially suitable for events you’re holding or planning to hold. 


DMs are critical when you want to break through the clutter of the digital world. 


Usually a means of getting people to browse your offerings quickly.


Facebook and Instagram have exploded in popularity and companies are eagerly jumping on this trend. But without good copywriting you’ll be left out on a lurch, unable to utilize this powerful source of traffic. 


The goal of a landing page is simple. Create the highest converting page you possibly can. This reduces cost per acquisition while sending response rates soaring through the roof. 

seo copywriting

SEO provides one of the most stable sources of traffic. Targeting the right, high volume keywords means a non-stop flow of leads and sales. But the foundation of your rankings will originate from SEO copywriting. 

Iron Clad Guarantee To Beat ANY Copywriter By 52.5% Or You Pay Nothing

It might sound brash, bold and some might even say cocky!

But it needs to be said…

Why would you take the time, effort, energy and money to pay someone if they simply cannot out perform your previous metrics? 

It’s not worth it unless you get better results. 

And that’s the stand I take. 

When you work with me, it’s a downright guarantee that the work I produce brings in at least 52.5% more results than anything you’ve done in recent history. 

And if in the unbelievably rare (never happened before *knock on wood*) event I only managed to get you 52.5% better sales, you pay NOTHING. Zip, Nada, Zilch! 

That’s how strongly I stand behind my work, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

How To Get Started With The Best Copywriting

To get started with copywriting that moves your customers to buy more or subscribe to your email list or sign-up for your next event, and more…all you need to do is apply to work together.

The process is really simple.

There’s just one button you’ll need to click, then just follow the simple instructions after that.


In the digital age things happen really quickly. As such your quote shouldn’t take ages to produce.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to get your instant copywriting quote.

The first thing you’ll need to do is APPLY for your FREE SINGAPORE COPYWRITING QUOTE, and that’s just a button away…

All the instructions that follow, are awaiting on the very next page. A simple step by step questionnaire will allow my program to understand your needs and produce a quote for you on the spot. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Copywriting In Singapore

Question 1: What’s the turn around time for copywriting in Singapore? 

Answer: There’s no definitive answer for this question because, there are lots of factors which influence the TAT. Number of words, complexity of the copywriting project, amount of research required etc. 

Question 2: What separates an average copywriter from an incredible one?

Answer: The mark of an exceptional copywriter is that he writes to the audience of the client flawlessly. Voice, is something which is portrayed through the printed word, to communicate from the voice of the client is a key writing skill.

Question 3: How much do you charge as a copywriter in Singapore?

Answer: Because there are so many levels and types of copy, the best way to quickly understand how much of an investment you’ll be making is to get your Instant Copywriting Quote below.

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