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“How Direct Response Copywriting Multiplies Your Sales Quickly And Easily…”

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It’s tough to hire the right copywriter isn’t it?

Make the wrong move and you’ll be forced to invent excuses up the wazoo as to why your company’s marketing campaign failed, flat lined and died…

Select the correct copywriter… and it’s like a relaxing breeze whispering through your hair on a toasty Sunday afternoon.

It’s light, it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s how life should be at its best…

This page aims to assist you in getting the best person for your project, making your life smoother and helping you launch a successful marketing campaign.

Before we do that, allow me to come clean…

“A Confession…”

I initially wrote an entire complex piece of content outlining the fact that I helped an Orchard Road clinic secure THREE TIMES more conversions than it’s peers

How one of the surgeons I assisted clinched an extra $192,000.00 in revenue directly because of my web marketing efforts…

And how one of the first clients I wrote for, managed to get 288% more sales in just 30 days via an advertisement in a local paper…

Sure, I’ve worked with multi-million dollar brands like OTIS, Keppel Corp., BlackBerry, MoreNiche (UK) and Health Way Medical Group.

And SME’s like Asia Charts Pte. Ltd., AAT Training Hub Pte. Ltd., Freia Medical Pte. Ltd., Face of Man Pte. Ltd. and Precision Spine Pte. Ltd. which form the heart and soul of Singapore’s economy.

But what’s important to you is securing a copywriter who can get the job done for your specific type of copywriting project.

Hence, with your permission, I’d like to assist you in your goals, starting with this…

copywriter singapore

“What RESULTS Do You Really Want?”


The main way you’ll find this article on the internet, is by doing a Google search for “copywriting Singapore”, “copywriter Singapore” or other variations of these two keywords.

This piece of content you’re reading now, is drenched with SEO copywriting.

Why would this form of copywriting be relevant or important to you?

You see, Singapore is not only one of the top 3 most competitive cities in the world (source: Business Insider), it also has a very high internet penetration (source: this means your company MUST make itself available to users online. Above  any of your competition…

That’s where effective SEO copywriting comes into play. SEO Copywriting, is about making your content make sense to your readers, while enticing Google to feature your company on profitable positions on search results.

This facilitates a healthy flow of business, leads and attention focused onto your company’s products and services.

I’ll let you in on an itty bitty little secret, if you want to make SEO copywriting ignite your sales, you’ll need to combine it with…

seo copywriting


If you’re in business and you’re looking for more clients OR you want to retain business from your current pool of clients OR you’re sending out a promotion to your database of clients, you should be looking at conversion focused web copywriting.

In all marketing and promotional materials, the types of words used, matter. In a BIG way.


There are 5 real life business cases, real life scenarios below…

Pick “Option 1” or “Option 2″… (answers are below)

A piano coach inserts two ads in the papers. One of the headline was a dud the other performed well. “Put Music In Your Life” “Puts Music In Your Life” The better headline pulled in 300% more sales.
An insurance company A/B split tested emails they sent out. Here are the two subject lines. $20 Million Dollar Homes Burned To The Ground Protect Your Home From Wild Fires The stronger subject line generated 65% more leads.
2 different ads were tested in Google Adwords. One of them did a lot better. Instant Free Download Now Download Free Now The better ad produced a 186.1% return on investment.
Email marketing subject line. Limited Time Offer Get Cloud Blogging 39% more customers came through the better phrased sentence.
A skincare centre in Singapore placed two different types of ads in a national paper. “Institutional Brand Advertisement” few words, lots of “modern” images. Direct response ad with ZERO pictures and lots of text. The better style of advertisement produced almost triple the numebr of sales.

ANSWERS (you shouldn’t look through these until you’ve guessed on your own):
Scenario 1: Option 2 (300% more sales)
Scenario 2: Option 1 (65% more leads)
Scenario 3: Option 1 (186.1% return on investment)
Scenario 4: Option 1 (39% more customers)
Scenario 5: Option 2 (Almost tripled sales)

Had you chosen the better of the two options, you would have a cumulative total of 878.1% more response. No matter how you cut it, that’s a staggering result.

Jaw-dropping. Period. Here’s what it boils down to…

When it comes to copywriting for increasing sales, the psychology of the customer needs to be prioritized, front and center. As long as you’re selling to people, you’ll have to pay close attention to THEIR WANTS. It’s the best and only way to move forward.

Erase yourself from the picture, and, focus on what your readers want. If what you offer is good, your readers will want more and more and more of it.

Which brings me to this…


One of the ways to stay ahead of the competition is to flood the internet with more of your content. This could be in the form of blog posts, social media posts and articles written about your industry.

All of which causes more attention focused onto your brand.

Sure the workload might be incredible, and, you’d have to do it on a consistent schedule. However, chances of landing more clients, more leads and more business this way is increased significantly.

When you infuse good copywriting into your content, expect phenomenal things to happen, such as the following…

Ralf VonSosen, the company’s head of marketing for sales solutions notes, “we started seeing a 50% increase in leads to meeting conversion rates.” (

CISCO SAVES $100,000.00
To demonstrate the extent to which this has impacted the company, it launched a new router using only social channels and saved an estimated $100,000… (

The content was produced in-house as much as possible in order to stay true to the brand values and was primarily promoted via email, social, the website and PR.

InsideOut’s strategy improved results across all channels, with the clearest results coming in email.

Comparing results of the company’s sales-based and content-based emails in the first half of 2013, the content-based emails were clearly more successful:

>>> 20% higher click through rate.
>>> 87% lower opt-out rate.
>>> 388% more leads generated.
(Source: InsideOut)

No matter what your goals might be for hiring a copywriter, you’re going to need one or more of these five types of copy…

“The Nitty-Gritty Right Here – – 5 Popular Types Of Copywriting In Singapore”

In the copywriting world, projects usually fall into one of these categories:

EDM & EMAIL COPYWRITING: Email marketing is booming in Singapore, as people become more connected to the internet (mobile penetration is at an eye-popping 149% – source:

A well crafted & persuasive email blast sent to double opt-in subscribers is a sure-fire method to bring attention to your company’s announcements quickly. After your message is crafted, a push of a button can alert thousands of people in your database. And send a swarm of sales your way.

WEBSITE SALES COPYWRITING: Nothing beats the reliability of a website. It’s your never fail super-salesman 24 hours a day no breaks, no rest, no drop in productivity. It is one of the best mediums you can use to get more people interested in your products and services.

However, just because it’s online – doesn’t mean people will automatically whip out their wallets. Persuasion methods are essential here, especially in today’s noisy online world ( reveals, as of October 2014, the internet holds over 1 billion websites).

You must lace your website with good copy before expecting customers to knock on your door do to business with you on a consistent basis.

BLOGGING: Blogs are all the rage. They are a platform to ensure that you have space to produce content on a regular basis. This helps to keep your company’s name fresh on the minds of your prospects. As they convert from casual readers to obsessed buyers of your products day in day out…

SEO COPYWRITING: In Singapore Google is King (ranked #1 in Singapore by Alexa Internet Inc.). You’ll need to cater your content to fit into Google’s algorithm. It’s an almost magical formula for ranking sites. Do the right things to your website, and almost instantly, it’s up there in rankings on Google… above your competition.

At this point in time, there are approximately 180+ ranking factors. If you would like Google to feature your content above your competitors, seo copywriting is the way to go.

PRESS RELEASE: Alert the media as to what’s going on in your company. There are more than a handful of occasions when you can reach out to media in a preemptive manner, forcing their attention onto your business. Sadly, there are barely a few companies you can go to when you need to pop out an attention grabbing press release.

Each of these types of copywriting projects comes with its’ own set of “success criteria”. It truly is make or break when crafting copy. It boils down to this… numbers don’t lie.

Which is why it is CRITICAL for you to communicate, EXACTLY what your goals are…

“Be Crystal Clear… Or Else”

Many times, you’ll find that you might need several types of copy.

You might want both content copywriting and SEO copywriting… Sales copywriting and branding copywriting… branding copywriting + SEO copywriting + sales copywriting… and all other possible combinations you can dream up.

The best way to untangle this mess of goals, and know HOW to get what you really want for your company is to start a conversation…

At this moment in time, I’m available to assist SME’s and MNC’s in Singapore with their copywriting needs and the best way for you to get started is to reach out.

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