Direct Response Copywriting – The Basics That Gets You Started…

Direct response copywriting is very important for the direct response marketing. It helps the manufacturers (from Singapore and elsewhere) to distribute their product directly to the consumers, using the most popular channels such as social media platforms, TV, online shops, shopping sites and e-stores. The clients should have a clear picture of what are they buying.

A good direct response copywriter drums your company’s message into the mind of your consumer, so they can effortlessly recognize your product within your marketplace. A lot of companies in Singapore are hiring marketing agencies to create their promotional campaigns, because, direct response copywriting is easy to test. Once you put direct response copy to it’s paces, you’ll see how easily copy influences the bottom line in your marketing campaigns.

By using direct response copywriting, you can track and measure response to your campaign. Direct response marketing is measurable, targets a specific audience and demands a response. You should always test the audience’s response, in order to create a great copy. Never stop improving your copy, even though you are a talented copywriter.

Always understand what your customers want, so you can provide the best copy laser targeted to them. Direct response copywriting always demands a strong call to action, because there is no effective marketing without that. The campaign should be focused on sales. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are great for building up a chorus of buzz for your products and services, but you still need to inject calls to action…powerful & relevant calls to action.

direct response copywriting

It’s proven that customers love copy that’s engaging and they dive right into it, eagerly flipping through your well thought out sales prose. They are interested in reading the copy, because they want to make the best buying decisions.

Direct response copywriting is focused on customers’ needs. There are a lot of talented copywriters in Singapore, that can write great copy and attract more clients with it. Branding is also an important marketing part, but it doesn’t target any consumer. It’s only focused on increasing a brand awareness about the particular company.

As a copywriter, you need to fully understand your customer. There is no marketing, copywriting and branding without them. That is why you should always know your target group, intimately. For example, if the content is focused on female subjects, you need to get women’s attention. You should clearly define your target audience.

Good copy also needs a good headline. It should be catchy, so the reader can pay attention to it. Avoid boring headline structures and try to inject zest and life into your most important sentence, the headline…

A good headline should stay stuck onto the customer’s brain. Like glue that just doesn’t rub off. Remember, direct response copywriting is not the same as content marketing. The content marketing provides all the information needed, and the direct response copywriting is about a call to action. Your goal is to get the attention of your audience and make them to read the paragraphs and prose that follow.

With direct response copywriting you are “touching” the customers. The copy should be carefully tailored, so it’s compatible with the targeted audience. You can use some proven “magic” words of the copywriting, such as: free, save, health, money, easy, safe, love, new, you or guaranteed. If you use some these words in the headline, you can dramatically increase both the reach and audience response. Customers are buying with emotions first and then…logic.

Motivate them and increase their interest in your product. You need to understand how these words work. Direct response copywriting is a powerful tool that may increase the sales exponentially, but you should do it following the ethical rules. This is why you need to fully understand the targeted audience. You should know what makes them tick.

If you are not sure that you can do this by yourself, you can always ask for help. There are a lot of marketing agencies in Singapore that can help you create the best marketing campaign for you. If direct response copywriting is done properly, it will increase your reach, sales and the clout of your brand.

Direct response copywriting is a powerful tool in your marketing strategy. Remember, you should specify the target audience and create an effective call to action campaign. Your goal is to sell your product, not only to describe it. So, do your research, write the copy and then test it. You will be a step ahead of others in your field.