“How To Get Your Website Ranked On Google With These Simple SEO Copywriting Tips”

SEO copywriting is an art of writing a copy that will rank well in search engines’ results. A good and experienced copywriters can write an SEO copy in a very short time, if they are well trained about that.


The SEO copywriter targets a specific word or phrase in the copy, making the content ranking great in the search engines and social platforms.

The most successful copywriters in Singapore can make everyone to share or link the content to their social profiles. This is called modern SEO copywriting.

The more shares and likes it gets, the more relevant it is. The well written SEO copy will increase the rankings, traffic, and also will engage more readers and more sales.

These are a few simple steps that will help you create the best SEO copy for your clients.

1. Get to know your audience. Knowing your target audience is essential. Do you research and meet your audience. The purpose is simple, get to know the vernacular, the jargon, the words they use when talking about your industry. Then pepper those words into your web page/s.

2. Create attention sucking headlines. Use the headline as a magnet that attracts and pulls in your readers. Once you have your perfect headline, you can start writing your SEO copy. With an eye on delivering what you’ve made mention in your headline.

3. Choose an appropriate font for your copy. The public loves the aesthetics. If your copy looks good, they are more likely to read the content. The font should be easy to read, but still interesting and different than the standard copies.

4. Don’t be afraid to bold the essential parts of the text. A good SEO copywriting is easily recognizable, but if you bold the most important parts of the copy, you will help your clients get to the point quickly. If you bold the right words, they will be more interested in the content.

5. Don’t use too long paragraphs. The copy should be easy to read and no one likes to read too long paragraphs. Four sentences per paragraph is really enough.

6. Your potential clients have a lot of questions, so you need to give them the answer. Get in their minds so you can know what will they type into Google. By doing this, you will get to the best keyword you need to use in your SEO copy.

7. Use powerful words so you can evoke emotions. Your SEO copywriting will be more valuable if you can emotionally connect with the potential clients.

8. Use active voice in the copy. It’s direct and energetic. Most copywriters in Singapore can tell that the passive voice is one of the greatest sins of the SEO copywriting.

9. Don’t overuse the focus keyword. Nobody wants to read a keyword stuffed copy. You can use related keywords, synonyms and phrase variations. Protect your copy from over-optimizing.

10. Adapt your tone. Keep a conversational tone for the blogs, status updates and tweets. Using your copy, you are directly talking to your clients. Don’t use too much difficult words in the text.

11. Write a good meta description, even if it takes you a lot of time. There is no good SEO copywriting without a meta description. It affects the Google rankings a lot and it may increase the traffic to your site or blog in a very short time.

12. Include relevant links in the copy. It’s very valuable to the readers. You can link to other sites or blogs, or you can link other content from your own website.

13. Be unique and original. If you like something, don’t copy-paste it. Try to rewrite it, to avoid duplication. There are a lot of readers that can easily catch the plagiarism. Research, but don’t steal.

14. Your SEO content can be the greatest, but even the smallest mistake can throw it in a garbage. Proofreading is a very effective way to find the mistakes and correct them. Grammar Nazis are all over you and they can easily kill your credibility.

15. Encourage social sharing. Shares are increasing the reach. Don’t forget to create an effective call-to-action. That is how you get the readers to do what you want. Include quotes in the copy. It will make it more relevant to the readers. Also, it can make your SEO copy viral, especially if the quoted influencers share the link on their social media profiles.