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Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important In Singapore?

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SEO Singapore is one of the most highly searched for phrases in the country. 

Because more and more people are realizing that Google is the best and largest source of stable online advertising and has the highest amounts of buyer traffic.

From 2015 to 2019 (and in the foreseeable future) Google has been dominant in Singapore as the number #1 most visited website.

seo singapore

In fact, it’s also the largest source of traffic for regional nations as well; Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines and more.

Internationally, Google is the largest search engine, by far. Outpacing social media giants like Facebook, Instagram and others by popularity.

When your customers want answers it’s easy to imagine them “Googling” for relevant keywords and phrases related to your industry.

And if you fail to appear, your would-be customers will give their business to your competitors.

Getting seen on the largest search engine in Singapore becomes a top priority for your company, especially in today’s digital age.

You Want The #1 Spot With SEO Singapore? Here's The Secret...

Imagine sweating bullets for months trying to figure out which keywords you should target…

Then piecing an SEO campaign together so you can rank high on Google…

Then pouring thousands of dollars per month in expectation of strong rankings…

Then, after 4 to 6 months of pure hard work and stress oozing out your pores,  your website lands on page 1 position #1 on Google.

Time to celebrate! Bring out the party hats!

You’re feeling as high as a kite, as happy as a baby with two handfuls of candy.


As time passes, you notice something STRANGE, and it’s causing your heart to sink. 

The phone isn’t ringing. 

Emails from interested customers aren’t coming through. 

No one is filling up the contact form on your website.

There’s no email notification on your phone. 

No one is calling you to ask about your products or services.

You’ve spent so many months and tens of thousands of dollars and countless sleepless nights to get to number 1 in your industry on Google.

And it didn’t even generate ONE LOUSY SALE.

In your frustration, you jump to the conclusion that SEO doesn’t work!”

But it’s not your fault for coming to that conclusion. 

Experts in search engine optimization know what went wrong.


There are three urgent questions you need to ask to assess if your SEO campaign needs to be dumped into the trash can:

  1. Which keyword did you use for your SEO Singapore campaign?
  2. What was the buyer intent behind the keyword? 
  3. How much targeted traffic did you receive?

Once you’ve figured the answers to the above two questions, you would then be able to successfully diagnose your SEO as a success or failure.

Search engine optimization isn’t just about ranking on page 1 or position #1 on Google.

SEO should do something more for your company besides getting your website to rank number one on Google in Singapore.

The best goal you could have? SALES! 

Picking the correct keyword to rank for, is essential to this goal. 

That’s what SEO should do for your company.

Get the phone to ring. Bring in enquiries. Generate leads 24 hours a day, all day long, everyday!

Proof That SEO Works When Done Properly

Properly executed search engine optimization (SEO) brings in a tidal wave of unstoppable leads and sales through your website 24 hours a day.

Here’s proof of an abundance of enquiries that flooded ONE OF MY CLIENT’S WEBSITES. A consistent flow of between 6 to 9 leads per day, every single day, for a service which brings in $9,725 per sale.

NOTE: Revenue crossed over $10,500,000 (ten and a half million). After ranking for over two dozen high-powered keywords nationally, over a period of three and a half years. 

On top of that, with properly executed SEO, you’ll be able to easily OUTRANK HUGE MNCs.

This is a screenshot of me showing the boss of a Ministry of Manpower accredited training centre, their stable rankings over a period of ELEVEN YEARS.

best seo singapore

Their competitors include Port Authority of Singapore, NTUC Learning Hub and more.

Giants of industry taken over with properly done SEO in Singapore.

Other sites I’ve built have gone on to outrank other giants of industry such as:

  • Raffles Medical
  • Singapore General Hospital
  • Gleneagles Hospital
  • And more…

When executed for any website, SEO can be used to rank your site on page 1 or number #1 of Google in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and everywhere else.

It’s a reality that thousands of companies across all industries experience, industries where SEO has been applied successfully include the following:

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How To Get Started With The Best SEO In Singapore Right NOW

To get started on your journey to the top spot on Google, all you need to do is apply to work together to boost your website’s position.

The process is really simple.

There’s just one button you’ll need to click, then just follow the simple instructions after that.


In the digital age things happen really quickly. As such your search engine optimization quote shouldn’t take ages to produce.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to get your instant seo quote.

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SEO Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How fast will I rank? 

Answer: There’s no definitive answer for this question because, there are lots of factors which influence the TAT. Basically, most keywords are able to get that spot on page 1 within 3 months. 

Question 2: What separates an average SEO consultant or SEO Singapore company/SEO agency from an incredible one?

Answer: The mark of an exceptional SEO consultant or SEO Singapore company/SEO agency is simple. Can he or she, rank websites consistently? When the going gets tough, does the person throw their hands up in the air and give up, or dig deeper and push through?… 

Search engine optimization takes time, effort and a lot of patience, and at the end of the day it’s the consultant who is willing to push your site up the rankings that matter.  

If you’re looking for the best SEO guy, then I think you already know what it’s going to take : )

Question 3: How much does SEO in Singapore cost?

Answer: This answer depends on the number of keywords you would like to rank for, the difficulty level of each keyword (yes, each keyword has a difficulty level attached) and how many products and services you want ranked.

Also – how many competitors you’ve got gunning for the number one spot.

Note: If you’re already ranked well on Google you might want to look up copywriting services to help you convert people who browse into buyers.