“How To Piggy Back On Google’s Popularity To Drive Tens Of Thousands Of Visitors To Your Website In 90 Days Flat”

(It’s Easy…Ethical…And…Extremely Profitable)


Date: 20 Aug 2019

From The Desk Of: Idris Arkette

Dear Friend,

The difference between a successful website doing millions in sales and a website barely piecing a few hundred dollars together is TRAFFIC.

In this case, GOOGLE TRAFFIC. Why? Because in Singapore the #1 most visited website is Google. That’s where YOU MUST BE if you’re going to scoop up eager buyers for your business.


When people in Singapore hunt for solutions and companies online, they go to straight to Google. If they can’t locate your company, chances are, they’ll find your competition.

Which means, another customer slips through the cracks – – which means revenue down the drain – – and that’s a problem we do not want.

What you’ll probably want, is to increase your share of clients, grow your revenue and profits and constantly scale up your exposure to new customers.

This is why you’ll need a reliable and repeatable system to generate visitors for your website.

It all begins with SEO, specifically – top rankings on Google like this…

Top Rankings Proof #1

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Top Rankings Proof #2

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Top Rankings Proof #3

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Top Rankings Proof #10

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Once your website gets top rankings on Google, you can expect visitors to start pouring into your site.

The power of Google – combined with search engine optimization Singapore – will reveal itself as your website starts to experience a surge in visitors.

Here’s proof below…

“122,682 Visitors From The #1 Search Engine In Singapore”

Web Traffic Proof #1

seo traffic results

Almost 75,000 visitors were generated in a span of 10 months and sent to this website via SEO. It ranks high on Google for dozens of keywords.

The website is related to a Ministry of Health clinic in the Medical Aesthetics industry and offers treatments & procedures to premium patients.

An average treatment package costs between $1,000 to $5,000.

Web Traffic Proof #2

seo for hair

This website generated 21,669 visitors in 10 months.

By the end of 12 months it continued to grow and surpass 25,000 visitors. Imagine what that could do for your revenue, if a measly 3% of people from your website purchased.

It would mean each year your customer base would grow by 750. This website is in the plastic surgery niche.

Web Traffic Proof #3

seo Singapore by idrisarkette.com

Within a year, this website received 26,424 visitors.

It’s a significant number especially when you consider that most of its competitors are splurging hefty advertising fees in the tens of thousands of dollars annually to produce the same results.

However, with SEO this website managed to save on costly ads and get a significant amount of visitors.

The 3 web traffic screenshots above reveal the amount of visitors (122,682) flooding websites under my care. Which is proof that search engine optimization works.

Getting ranked on Google can help your website generate tens of thousands of visitors and then, more importantly, convert those visitors into customers (especially when you use good website copywriting).

But there’s a catch, you have to do search engine optimization the right way. Failure would lead to getting almost zero traffic, or, worse – your website BANNED FROM GOOGLE.

“Good SEO = High Rankings = More Visitors = MORE CUSTOMERS”

The truth of the matter is, there are hundreds of “ranking rules” to pay attention to when you’re trying to do SEO for your website. Keeping your eye on all these different rules, while juggling your customers and the daily grind of business could have you pulling your hair out in frustration as you attempt to get it right.

And if you get it wrong, the problem you may face is a website that doesn’t rank anywhere on Google. You’ll feel as if your website is on Google’s blacklist. Targeted because you’ve used the wrong methods.

I would recommend, for the sake of your company – – and everyone in it – – that your best bet, is to enlist the help of a search engine rankings consultant who provides SEO services to companies in Singapore.

The good news is, if you decide to get onboard with IdrisArkette.com and use our SEO services, you’ll be gifted with only the best Google loved tactics known to man…

“Here’s What You’ll Get”

1. Exclusivity To Your Company

When it comes to search engines, I work with only 1 company per industry.

This is because I aim to get you straight to the top – as there’s only space for 1 company, I’ll work with no one else.

Why this is important: On any search result, on page 1 of Google, there will be only a handful of organic listings (non paid ads), this would be where I’ll work to push your website up to.

If I’m assisting your company, it would only be right that I want you to succeed over others in the same field.

seo accountability

Essentially, I will ensure zero conflict of interest when I’m working on your company’s website for search engine optimization.

I want the best for you as long as you’re the first in your industry to reach out to me. That’s the most fair way to go about it.

2. Definitive Accountability

You’ll know exactly what is going on whenever you want. Access to a login page which lists all the progress each keyword is making, will be given to you.

Ranking reports are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Why this is important: Google loves making changes to their algorithm, in fact over the past 2 years, there have been dozens of changes to its ranking formula.

You need to know that your investment in SEO is yielding results.

multiple number 1 rankings with search engine google

As such, there must be a unit of measurement to determine if things are going according to plan. Ranking reports is the best want to keep your finger on the pulse of your rankings. You can check in anytime you feel like it, or, if you so choose, you can opt to receive reports sent to your email address every week.

3. Near Instant Accessibility

All my clients get my personal email and handphone number. In case of emergencies, you’ll want immediate action, and that’s where accessibility becomes important.

I’m there to help out my clients.

Why this is important: In times of emergencies you’re going to probably feel panicked and rushed.

Not knowing what to do can be an alarming and helpless situation.

That’s when having someone who can help becomes a welcomed relief.

4. Unlimited “Free Flow” Of Keywords

In order to generate a significant amount of visitors, you’re going to have to target as many keywords as possible.

You’ll get unlimited keywords for 5 products and/or services combined.

Why this is important: Unlimited keywords means you don’t have to worry about your website getting sufficient traffic.

Each keyword brings with it a certain number of visitors to your website, which then translates into customers.


5. Perfect Onpage Engineering

The two biggest factors in getting ranked are onpage factors and backlinking. URL’s, body text, keyword percentages, LSI’s and more will be handled to let Google know your site deserves to get ranked highly.

Why this is important: 50% of the power of your search engine rankings will originate from onpage factors.

Hence it is critical to get a firm handle on this portion of search engine optimization.

As your SEO consultant, this portion of search engine optimization will be paid attention to particularly keenly as it forms the foundation of all future SEO efforts.


6. Secret Sauce Backlinking

The other half of the formula for high rankings on Google… are… backlinks. Powerful backlinks can make the difference between a website struggling on Page 4 of Google and a website rocking past all competition straight to the #1 spot.

Why this is important: If onpage engineering forms 50% of your SEO, the other half is backlinks. To be exact, powerful & relevant backlinks. Unforunately, as part of my practice, I consider it as a trade secret which I won’t be giving away anytime soon.

In most cases, these backlinks are powerful enough to overtake the competition within 90 days(in almost all situations).

That’s basically everything you need to feel safe and secure that your investment in search engine optimization in Singapore, is going to pay off, handsomely.

Case Study: “A Struggle At First, But Now Finally On Page 1 Of Google”

After years of wrangling with numerous “big SEO companies” in Singapore and overseas, EHA Clinic was still nowhere to be found on Google. Especially not for lucrative keywords that had the potential to rope in bigger windfalls of revenue.

Frustrated and almost at the point of giving up, Dr Elias Tam tried again, and this time finally got what he wanted.

Top positions on Google. In total, 40+ keywords were targeted to help EHA Clinic bring in more visitors to their website. And it worked. Clients started pouring in, the phones were ringing off the hook and his web traffic began to grow.

Needless to say, Dr Tam was thrilled with the results.

SEO-singapore-client-happy-resultDr Elias Tam, has been featured on various media such as Straits Times, EzyHealth and more, is here with Idris at his private medical aesthetics clinic, located at Scotts Road (Singapore).

So if you think you’re ready to scoop up the abundance of traffic on Google, there’s just one more important point I need to make right now…

“Why You Should Act NOW…”

Procrastination is a bad habit most of us suffer from. But in this case procrastination could actually be costing you your livelihood. The longer you wait to take action, the further your competition will have its roots entrenched into the top rankings of Google.

This will only make things more difficult when you finally decide to begin SEO.

Look at it this way…

seo copywriting singapore by idrisarkette.com

123 customers contacted this website owner in under 90 days.

What the screenshot shows is the form statistic from one of the website owners who hired my Google ranking service. It shows that within the space of 90 days 123 people contacted him via his website.

Bear in mind, this doesn’t include phone calls. The number swells up to over 250 contacts when you include telephone enquiries.

“Can You Afford To Lose THAT Much?”

This means if you procrastinated for one month, 83 potential customers would disappear into this air.

To put this into perspective, should 1 customer be worth $500, you’re looking at an extra $41,500. Granted not everyone will whip out their wallet and buy immediately, but even if you got half of that, it would be worth $20,750.

And that’s only for 1 month.

What if you decided to procrastinate for 3 months? $62,250! Imagine all that extra revenue flowing into your competitors’ bank account.

How does that make you feel? Do you cringe at the thought of your competitors swelling up from profits which could have been in your pockets? Do you feel a bitter sense of injustice swimming through your veins?

Does it make you feel downright angry?

“Get Started With SEO Singapore Right Now”

If so, then you probably want to divert customers away from competitors and send them straight to your company with SEO in Singapore, and you want to start IMMEDIATELY. All you have to do is fill up this form below.

All information is kept strictly confidential.

 Best Regards,


Idris Arkette

P.S.: After you’ve filled up the form, I will contact you usually within 24 hours working hours (if you’re located in Singapore) to call you up and discuss the steps we need to take to move your site to the top of Google.