With the overwhelming amount of content in the internet, it has become extremely challenging to find a particular resource that could accurately give you what you need. In order to deal with this problem, the best search engine builders have developed a way to filter out all the useless links, and only present relevant and trustworthy sources. They call this process “search engine optimisation” or SEO for short.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation, more commonly known as SEO, is a set of rules and practices made in order to catapult the best and most pertinent websites and content in the internet at the top of the search engine rankings. In a way, search engine optimisation is a tool used by the best search engine developers in order to improve the user experience of their visitors and users.

There are many ways to use SEO in order to improve your website rankings but none are as important as increasing the number of backlinks to your website.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is basically another webpage that links back to your webpage in order to use it as a reference. According to Google, the more backlinks you have, and the more relevant they are, the higher the chances of your website to gain a top result in the search engine ranking page or SERP.

Top 5 Quick Ways to Get Backlinks

Getting backlinks are easier said than done. With the amount of entities in the World Wide Web, it is difficult to communicate with other Singapore web managers in order to them to backlink to your website. If you are a Singapore business or a Singaporean looking to establish yourself online, know that it can even be more challenging to go against more experienced websites. Having quality content is not enough; you also have to understand the strategies involved in gaining backlinks.

As mentioned, while looking for a vast amount of backlinks are important, the quality of the websites that backlink to you must also be considered. In order to help you gain backlinks, we have consolidated a couple of strategies that could best help you in establishing your search engine rankings.

·       The Broken Link Building Method

The broken link building method is one of the best ways to get one-way backlinks, meaning that you do not need to necessarily link back to the website where you’ll get a back link. Basically, in the broken link building method, you look for websites that have broken links (websites that link back to other websites that do not work anymore), and contact their web managers to report the broken links.

Once you report the broken link, you can recommend sites, including yours, to be the resource to replace that link. By doing so, you not only help a web manager, you also gain extra points and have higher chances for backlinks.

·       Creating Guest Post Articles

If you are a relatively new player in the field of websites and blogging in Singapore, making guest articles is the way to go in order to gain new readership and expand your audience. Go to a popular website or blog and contact their web managers. While you might get rejected the first few times, a single acceptance could mean a lot to the improvement of your site’s traffic.

By making guest articles, you do not just generate new audience for your website. You can also guarantee that a website with high relevance and credibility will link back to your website, making your backlink gain higher points in the Google PageRank algorithm.

·       Design Aesthetically-Pleasing Infographics

If you think that making articles is the only way to gain backlinks, think again. Nowadays, more and more Singapore businesses employ the use of infographics in order to aid the content of their articles and help their readers understand what they want to convey.

By making infographics that others can use, you can help them with their need for infographics, and they can help you get a backlink from them. There are a lot of websites that you can submit your infographics to. Apart from submitting your infographics to such websites, you can also contact websites and bloggers which have used similar infographics, and ask them for feedback on yours. By doing so, you do not just improve the quality of your infographic, but you also show them your work without directly pimping out your design.

·       Employ the Use of internal Links

Internal links are basically backlinks of your own website to another page of your website. This is used in order to connect your web pages with other pages in your website that have similar or related content.

By using internal links, your readers would be able to navigate through your website easily and look at your other articles without the complicated process of searching through your whole site. Through the use of internal links, you make your website more accessible and user friendly.

·       Produce Quality Content

Producing quality content is the most important factor in gaining backlinks. This means that you do not just publish articles and content for the sake of publishing one. You must rigorously research about what you want to publish, ensure that your articles are grammatically correct, and have an organised presentation of thought.

Apart from making high-quality articles, you also need to include keywords that people would use when searching for that topic. The application of the best keywords is also an important factor in search engine optimisation or SEO.

Using Backlinks for Better SERP Ranking

If you are a Singapore business owner who want to improve you online presence, you should know that the number of websites that link back to your web page are basically the amount of web entities that trust the quality of your content.

Using backlinks is a good way to get the best search engine results page ranking. It may be challenging to get backlinks at first, but you’ll find that continuous application of appropriate strategies can have amazing rewards when the time comes. Get yourself started by finding best SEO experts in Singapore today.