The Journey to Writing Irresistible Content

Copywriting, for some reason, most people assume that this is hard or impossible for them. They come down with a headache when they think of all the keyboard-fu that has to be done. They have a small heart attack when they imagine the extent of research they will have to do. And that’s before citing their sources to ensure everything is straight and dandy.

Creating Irresistible Content is As Much About The Ingredients as the Preparations.

Creating Irresistible Content is as much about The Ingredients as the Preparation.

Well, it is true that website copywriting may be an obscure topic to lots of folks. However, isn’t impossible to undertake. Everyone has been writing even before they knew how to write. Well, everyone except those sentient guys from the Fourth World. If you aren’t one of their tribesmen, you must have written resumes, emails, SMSes, social media posts, post-it notes and a horde of other creative pieces, sometime in the not-so-distant past.

Copywriting is a little more refined than that. You get to  This is why it is always a good idea to know what it is all about. Here are some pointers that we believe will be helpful to you.

What is Copywriting and Why is it So Fantastic?

We have established the fact that copywriting refers to writing text for online channels. For example, if you have an informative and educational website, you will be required to write more structured material, while for commercial sites you will have to write conventional sales-type materials.

For those of us who own websites we can never underplay the importance of having quality stuff on our pages. For starters, it helps in increasing search engine traffic, hence attracting more clients or generating leads. Knowing how to write relevant content is extremely crucial. It needs to be different from other regular writing (social media posts, sms services, etc) since you are writing for an entirely separate kinds of audience.

What Do You Need When Starting Copywriting?

Physically, nothing much.

Mentally, you need Belief. Trust yourself to come up with something worth reading. Believe that you can write something that will positively impact people, solve their problems and have happy smiles at the end of the day.

This doesn’t have to be hard. Writing is only hard if you make it so.

Certain techniques are required for any copywriting task to be successful. You must have heard about Search engine optimization (SEO)? It is the new ‘old kid’ in the marketing town – it has been here since 1998. SEO is inseparable from website content.

If you want your content to be ranked high in the search engines, then you must observe the SEO etiquette. You should strive to write content aimed at attracting the attention of the popular search engines. Your content should be of high quality, user-friendly and relevant.

The use of keywords is essential in website content. This means that your website copy should have certain keywords that people are searching for. It is all about getting readers with good intent. Having such keywords in your content will attract more traffic and hence helping you stand a high chance of making more money.

Are you eager to know how to make your content be superior to your competitors? If yes, we are here to help you do so.

Website copywriting is, of course, avowing the obvious. But you need to take into account the fact that you are communicating with your online readers. This makes it different. In this case, you are not able to see your clients. You also can’t read how they react to your products, prices, what you say, if anything. You should also do enough research regarding your market to be able to understand your audience.

Here are some website copywriting tips that will help your content resonate, and your online channel to boom and bloom.

Tip #1. The power of saying ‘you’.

The pronoun ‘you’ is oxygen when it comes to website copywriting. As a website copywriter, you will be talking to a single individual. Marketing gurus don’t tell you this. You are talking to a customer and not an elusive group of shadow people. Cue in the word of the day: sonder.

The Power of Saying 'You'

The Power of Saying ‘You’ – It can Turn Heads.

You should, therefore, always use the pronoun ‘you’ to address that person at the other end of the screen. It lets you fully engage with your audience as an individual. It will also make your content inviting, and give it a warm tone.

Using the pronoun ‘you’ also assists us to be on the right track. It will automatically result in a more conversational tone. This is the best language for website copywriting.

Tip #2. Make a point of using the first person and not the third person.

Inexperienced website copywriters make a huge mistake of using the third person to refer to themselves or the products they are selling. Instead of using the pronoun ‘We’, they use the name of the company. This, therefore, forces them use the pronoun ‘it’ to refer to the business.

It is all very wrong. It isolates the subject as  you end up talking about a third party. It will put your readers in a pit of confusion, instead of engaging them. Readers don’t like to wallow.

Avoid this by using good pronouns like ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘you.’

Tip #3. Ask Questions.

People always like being involved and made significant. One great way to engage your audience is through asking questions. This is the reason why it is good to have a feedback platform on your website. You can also have an email survey to help you dialogue with your clients.

Creating a relationship with your customers is important. This can be achieved by launching an innovative method to get feedback from your readers. You can also give them the opportunity to provide recommendations on the products that they like.

Ensure that your Content Engages the Audience

Ensure that your Content Engages the Audience

As a matter of fact, you can use questions in your content. They could be rhetorical questions aimed at engaging your audience. This way, your content feels more natural. Questions provide an excellent way to drive a point home, don’t they?

Tip #4. Let Your Imagination Run Wild

This is the most exciting part of website copywriting. Just assume that your customer were sitting there in front of you. You are trying to convince him or her to know about you and what your business offers. What will you say and how will you say it? Putting yourself in this position will actually help you to write a more convincing copy. This is important when it comes to being an effective website copywriter.

That’s Almost All

If you were unacquainted about website copywriting, we have reason to believe that you have picked up the basic nuggets to get you rolling. Using these tips discussed above will make you a good, nay, a  great website copywriter. Your content will be a hot cake! Do tell!