Are you a Singapore business owner looking for the best CMS for SEO? Do you want a content management system where you can conveniently and creatively modify digital content, yet at the same time drive more traffic to your website? We recommend WordPress, and we list down some reasons why.

Popularity of WordPress

Because of its high functionality for search engine optimisation, WordPress has become the leading CMS in the online market. It’s an incredibly popular platform. In fact, a huge bulk of the internet makes use of WordPress, whether it’s for personal or corporate use.

Varying statistics describe the popularity of WordPress as the SEO-friendly CMS. These statistics place WordPress as the platform of choice by 20 to even 60% of all websites active in the Internet. But all of these sources agree that WordPress is one of the best CMS out there, with over 140 million downloads and growing.

The large user base of WordPress covers everything from sponsored personal blogs, to food critic journals, to the websites of local businesses.

WordPress users even include big name brands with huge traffic, such as:
• The New Yorker
• BBC America
• The Official Star Wars Blog
• TechCrunch

With its high popularity and subscription, it’s clear that WordPress is the best CMS for SEO.

Reasons Why WordPress is the Best CMS

WordPress has been in the scene for website creation since 2003, and since then, the CMS steadily became the premier choice in building brands, platforms and online presence.

Here are several reasons why WordPress is the top choice for Singapore businesses who want search engine optimisation.

1. Flexibility and functionality

The open-source customisation feature of WordPress is one of its unique selling points. Creative designers from all over the world can pitch in and contribute a stellar plugin or theme, ensure that there is constant innovation in the ways WordPress accommodates different needs.

There is a variety of plugins –a whole marketplace of possibilities—that extend different functions and offer different customer experiences. Websites can opt to include a business portfolio, a blog section, an e-commerce store, and many more functions with these plugins. And as mentioned, these plugins are only increasing in functionality and innovation.

Themes are also highly functional and variable in the WordPress CMS. The best WordPress themes generally offer an easy visual interface. With the thousands of free or paid themes to choose from, there’s something to fit any style of business. Even the free themes options can be used to create high-quality sites which are uncomplicated yet still appealing.

2. Ease of use and convenience

WordPress is also leading when it comes to ease of use and convenience. Many Singapore users and website builders have resisted older platforms because of the expertise and time needed to build the code.

With WordPress, less customer support is needed. You can get WordPress up and running on a hosting provider after a free download. And with a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, the different functions and content can already be executed.

Plus, the user interface of WordPress is constantly being updated to become even more user-friendly. The user interface clearly marks the functions and options for customisation. With the ease of navigation through the process of site building, there’s no need to pay a whole separate team to create the website.

Ease of use and convenience is also important when it comes to maintaining the website. When you are comfortable with the website CMS, it’s more likely that you’ll use and engage it more. Many online shops and businesses in Singapore suffer because their website becomes too complicated to handle.

With the efficient user interface of website, there’ll be less time dedicated to setting up, and more time working on content.

3. Content control

WordPress is also one of the best options when it comes to controlling content. While appearance and ease of use is important, a huge bulk of the impact of a website rests on its content. Content and different features can be quickly and ruthlessly judged by the different consumers in Singapore and the world.

WordPress offers a high degree of flexibility and control when it comes to content. There are the basic page elements such as titles, H1 headings and meta descriptions. These page elements enable WordPress content to be SEO-friendly. These pieces of content allow for easy descriptions that can be picked up by search engines and by readers.

With WordPress, image alt attributes can also be easily controlled. The CMS understands that even images should be SEO. Search engines can find images when they have image alt attributes that effectively describe the image and what it contains.

And WordPress also allows users a high degree of text control. Anchor text can be customised. Functions like bold and underline, hyperlink, image uploads, add content, and additional headings are also possible. These all make the content more dynamic and linked, ensuring greater search engine optimisation.

4. Clean and customisable URL

The best search engines consider not only the content and appearance but also the URL of a website. WordPress has features which allow for clean and customisable URLs that can easily be processed and archived by search engines.

Clean URLs involve URLs without any clutter, and without the session parameters that confuse both search engines and readers. Customisable URLs are also possible. A CMS that doesn’t allow the designer or SEO team control of the URL appearance is a bad CMS.

WordPress, on the other hand, can have adjustable permalink settings. The best strategy to optimise URL structure for SEO is to use the “Post name” option.

5. Easy navigation

Lastly, with the right design, WordPress websites can be easily navigated –by users, readers and search engines.

WordPress “Taxonomies”, which are hierarchical categories, allow for the easy grouping of content. And the best CMS for SEO also allows for sitemap generation, which ensures you don’t have to worry about creating an XML sitemap.

WordPress is the best CMS for you, whether you are a Singapore business or an individual looking to make your presence felt online. The simple interface is intuitive, but at the same time is complex enough to allow a variety of styles, functions and experiences. WordPress fits the standards of the best in SEO. From ease of functionality to streamlined content, WordPress is the best CMS for SEO.