Unbeatable Digital Marketing Strategy

Beginning with a deep-dive analysis of your competitors on the biggest platforms – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn.

Their assets will be scrutinized at a microscopic level, we’ll pinpoint their weaknesses and exploit it for your campaign, ensuring you clinch inevitable victory. 

If your company isn’t utilizing this method of head-on digital marketing warfare, you’re losing out to competitors who are!

Ad Copywriting That Increases Sales

What happens when you run your company’s advertising campaign to a crowd of ten thousand people? 

Do they transform into streams of sales for your company? Or does the cash register stay silent?

If you’re not seeing results, chances are your copywriting needs emergency help. It’s time to resuscitate your copy and double your sales NOW.

Impactful And Sleek WordPress Websites

The world’s #1 content management system, WordPress, is as close to perfect as it gets, especially for business owners striving for success online

Web design has never been more straight-forward. With over half a million software integrations and sales & marketing enhancements at your fingertips.

WordPress is a formidable profit producing machine, awaiting your use.

A Stampede of Customers With SEO

The most valuable type of website visitors, that you’ll ever get, will be with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

People are looking for you. Directly typing in search terms related to your company. They want to find you and the products & services you provide. SEO just happens to be the most lucrative form of non-interruption marketing

Once you’re ranked in profitable positions on Google. Expect a stable source of customers to flow your way, day in and day out.

Profitable Facebook & Instagram Ads

Walk through a case study of how I multiplied results by eleven times. This client’s Facebook Ad campaign was once a dud, but now he feels like a hero. 

The campaign centered around the services of a medical consultant who had never seen or experienced the raw profit producing power of Facebook and Instagram advertising!

Today, he’s hooked on the results I’ve produced, and can’t get enough.

Remarket Like A Multi-Million Dollar Brand

Remarketing (retargeting) technology has taken the world by storm. By injecting a simple code on your website, you can market your company’s products and services like multi-million dollar brands do. 

As powerful this technology is, you’ll still need to wield it skillfully in order to eek out every cent of profit you can from it. Be it with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads.

Find out how you can BOTH lower your digital marketing costs and dramatically increase your sales with remarketing campaigns.

Laser Precise Tracking With Google Analytics

“You can only grow, that which you measure” – is a famous phrase that rings even more true in today’s digital world. 

Google Analytics is the premier power tool used by SME’s and MNC’s alike to decipher what’s really going on with your marketing and advertising campaigns. 

If you want to know how each of your landing pages are performing, how much sales and conversions your website is really experiencing, analytics will reveal it in as much detail as you would like…

Beginner and Advance Digital Courses

The Singapore Government has instituted I.T. and digital initiatives to educate the population in ways of the new technically endowed world we now live in.

Here at IdrisArkette.com we intend to lend a helping hand assisting Singapore and companies around the globe in becoming more digitally savvy.

There are several LIVE in-person digital courses we hold at our training centre, and you can find more information about them, when you click the button below.